Weight Loss

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Putting on weight is easy:

Today, the world strongly propagates skinny. The idea is writ everywhere from the food choices we make to the clothes we shop. In my opinion, I think it is a very difficult proposition to be, ahem, on the heavier side. People strongly believe that you must be eating yourself to death because you are overweight. But that may not be the reality. You can check out at phenq-avis.com if you are one of those who think that you definitely don’t consume as much as you look that you may be doing.


What are the reasons for putting on weight?

  1. Genetic factors:

It has been proved that there are human genes that allow increase in weight much faster that it can be lost. If you have inherited such genes then there is quite a little to be done about it. All the same, you can eat right and stay fit as much as you can. You will need to work harder than the others who do not have any genetic reasons to increase weight.

  1. Psychological factors:

A lot of people can put on weight due to mental reasons such as depression, built up stress or even fatigue related ailments. The reason for putting on weight could be that these people binge when they are psychologically down and therefore they just miss hitting the pause button.

  1. Hormonal factors:

In some people the cause of weight increase could be excessive hormone secretions such as thyroxin. Thyroid problem can help put on a lot of weight if medical help is not seeked on time.

  1. Pregnancy:

A lot of women put on weight during their post partum period. This could be because of the compounding of the issues such as motherhood responsibilities and lesser time for exercising.

Losing weight the healthy way:

Dieting and exercise program can be a great idea if you want to continue it for a long term. Another option is to go for slimming tablets. A lot of people have tried them and do not trust them but slimming tablets at phenq-avis.com is revolutionary. The product is made of all natural ingredients and the documented result of its users is mind blowing. Why not try it out yourself?